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Creating a demo video for startups

Creating a demo video for startups

Every tech startup ends up needing to create a demo video sooner or later.

Turns out, it's pretty difficult.

Being ill-informed about the video production process, we figured we'd do it ourselves ... and it ended up taking about 3x longer to create than we initially expected.

We used the following software to make it happen:

  • Apple's Keynote
    • For slides and begin/end animations
  • Apple's Logic Pro X
    • For audio production
  • Screenflow
    • For video production

We were first exposed to Screenflow while working at InVision, where at one point, we had to create weekly videos that showcased what you shipped that week. Screenflow is awesome - highly recommend!

Tips for creating a demo video

For aspiring video creators (with little to no experience), here are some tips on what worked for us when creating our demo video:

  1. Write a script for the whole thing
    1. You will most definitely want to update the things you are trying to convey - having a clear and explicit foundation is important. There will be many retakes - don't try to wing it.
  2. Record the audio with pauses and see how long the demo takes
    1. Shoot for <5 min
  3. Take clear notes of your microphone settings when you record audio
    1. You will redo some audio at some point and you will want the updated audio to sound the same as the original. Having the same settings will ensure that you won't have to do a lot of EQ magic to get your voice to sound the same.
    2. By recording audio on different days, we ended up having to fiddle with EQ for many different parts and it still doesn't sound 100% identical to other parts.
  4. Find a backing track that is in the public domain
    1. Free Music Archive is really great
  5. Use "proper" audio editing software
    1. You will want to tweak EQ and employ things like "de-essing"
    2. Use a DAW like Audacity, GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools